vTiger 7.1 RC Has been Released

//vTiger 7.1 RC Has been Released

vTiger 7.1 RC Has been Released

Vtiger today announced the release of Vtiger 7.1 RC version, which is available on sourceforge.net for download with following features and 100 + bugs fixes

  • Follow A Record (Following a record is a nice fashion of marking a record as a favorite. This will act as a shortcut to get to favorite or active records. By following a record you get updates on it as the users modifies the record).
  • Duplicate Record Prevention (Prevent duplicate records in Vtiger from all sources by enabling the duplicate check)
  • Webform Attachments (Allow user to attach files to web forms)
  • Import Users Using .CSV file (Supports importing User data using .csv file)
  • Supporting Mysql V5.7
  • Customize modules icons and bugs

Important Note: RC stands for Release Candidate, meaning that it’s not yet recommended for production yet


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