You’re in good hands when you choose Devi Techno Solutions for your VTiger Hosting needs. That’s because we understand how crucial your sales and marketing data are to your business. we’ve been working on vtiger since 2010.

Forget about RAM, PHP or any technical stuff just Focus on growing your business. We regularly update your Vtiger code to the latest version. We fix new security issues within minutes. We keep your CRM up and available. And because that’s not enough, we check our infrastructure regularly for malware, viruses, and potential security problems.

We also understand that every business is unique. The solution for someone else is most often not going to be the solution for you. That’s why VTiger Customization is so important for your business.We know every line of Vtiger’s code base. and we don’t just suggest canned solutions and provide the same basic packages for everyone. We truly believe that customization means that you are getting the specific services that will work for you.

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